‘Supermoln’ Exhibition by Henrik Brandt at Galleri ID:I, 2014.
Description of Assignment: Exhibition Planning.

Request from the Artist
The room for sculpture: minimal contrast and shadow in the room. ‘Flat’ light and color environment. Light that brings out the color of the sculpture.
The room for the light installation: armature that creates sharp edged shadow/light on the wall about 1-2m in range

The room for sculpture:
Henrik Brandt’s bubble-shaped sculpture has an intensive and cold color (RAL:1026 Leuchtgelb) In order to highlight to the intensity of the color and also bring out the delirious look created by the perforated surface, ten fluorescent tubes (Osram T8 L 30W/880 Lum) was applied on the ceiling. The light tubes gives an intensive and cold light with 8000 Kelvin and it makes the room look like an aquarium when the room was looked from outside.

The room for the light installation:
For the armatures for the light installation, two LED light was used to create the moiré effect. (The led spot is attached to an mechanical arm and the arm moves slowly in the vertical direction.) Specification of the lamp – Power LED Spot Mono, Color temp 6500k and 3500k, Lux@1m 28(cd), angle 110 degrees.